harharhar said: I have been trying to remember this movie for years and it seems like one you might know. Saw it when I was little, so couldn't be newer than 1993 or 1994. There was a science experiment with a chair that quickly accelerates on a track. The guy riding in the chair either goes through a wall or goes into another dimension, where I think some evil creatures possessed him or escaped or something. I only vividly remember that experiment and the concrete block wall. Does any of that sound familiar?

That does ring a bell, but the bell is so faint that I don’t even have an educated guess.  The time machine in Timecop works sort of like that, but no possession or evil creatures other than Ron Silver…Howard the Duck has creatures from another dimension possessing someone (through a telescope), but no chair on a track.  Sorry!  You should take this to Kindertrauma.com though, they’ll either know it or at least amplify it to their readers.

1 year ago
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